Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Sketchbook Stuff

so lately i've been doing a bit less of the cartoony character stuff and have instead been working in this wet painterly almost fashion illustiation style

the problem is that i still like doing the cartoony stuff and want to keep experimenting with it, that's what the last one is trying to combine the two styles into one coherent pieces. It seems like this is something that i'm always working at, having to styles and liking them both but wanting to combine them.

Friday, October 27, 2006

juried undergrad show

so every year MICA has this big juried undergraduate exhibition and i decided to submit the broken robot from over the summer. suprisingly enough i acutally managed to get in with it

who knew someone would actually get it, or maybe it just a broad enough message for everyone to understand. see even illustrators can do personal work from time to time.

i suppose i should thank J.K. Rowling too since that's where i sampled the text from.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

some paintings from thesis thus far

as i said before my thesis is on animal portrayals is folklore myth and legend so each of these is based on a myth from somewhere in the world.

the deer comes from a shinto legend where the deer is seen as a messanger of the gods.

the owl. as a symbol of knoweledge is greek

the boar is from a celtic belief where the boar is connected to the hunt

the bear is from a germanic belief that the guardian/ wathcer figure in the sky is portrayed as a bear

bear (v) - to endure

this is a small piece that i did as part of my thesis, it's actually made of a sketch for an earlier one that didn't quite turn out. Although this one doesn't seem to get noticed much in the context of the group of works as a whole it's probably my favorite thus far

self promotional sticker

i had the urge to do stickers earlier this week so here it is

basically started from a doodle of playing with ways of rendering text and the subject matter come from the elementary principle that poop is always funny

couple of odd sketches

another figure study and a random sketch

animal sketches take 2




animal sketches take 1

as you may or may not know my thesis is on animal portrayals in folklore, myth and legend so here's a bunch of sketches that i've done for some of the paintings i have finished or am working on






assorted figure studies

So i've been trying to do some figure stuff lately, here's a bunch of it. Some are from books and some are from life.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Finally some new stuff

i know that it's been forever but i've finally gotten around to putting some new things up here, only sketches for now but hopefully i'll have time to put some real work up soon

yet another dog

this is some sort of flying rodent, beyond that not too sure

I've been into drawing figures later (see below and more to be posted later) and this is me playing around with mixing figures with the other characters i've been doing

Like i said after years of hating figures i've been into it lately

I was thinking a character in the clouds who throws stuff at you and has no arms

owls, my dear, owls

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

link to my plush toys

Hopefully i'll have some new stuff in the next couple days because it's been forever since i posted anything, but for now i've been trying to upload my plush toys to flickr so anyone who hasn't seen them is able to.

hopefully this works
my plush toys

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

last post for a bit

I packed up my scanner today as i am leaving this weekend to return to Baltimore, unfortunately i forgot to scan anything new before that, but i did find this painting its a bit older. It's actually a copy of a painting that i did for a friend of mine and really wanted a copy for myself, also i never documented it before i gave it to her.

I'm not sure when the next post will be because of moving and i imagine i'll be pretty busy once i get back to Baltimore.

Friday, August 04, 2006

couple of new pieces

so last night i was working on the painting version of "why im not afraid of shadows anymore" and was getting bored with it so i was going through my supplies just to play around and found my watercolors, i haven't done watercolors in a while and really enjoy it and though "i wonder how watercolor will react on wood?' and just started playing around not thinking too much of it, i also had some left over acrylic that i didnt want to waste so thats in there too. After a while i was like "wow i really like this, maybe i should actually finish it off" so i added the collaged bit, tighened the whole thing up a bit and added the text. I feel like this piece was really refreshing especially cause i was feeling like i was in a bit of a rut.

this other one is me playing around with stencils, the other day i got this idea that i wanted to try working in spray paint. So, after a rather unsuccessful bit of freehand on cardboard, decided to mess around with a stencil and this is the outcome.

new character design/sketch

this character was inspired by one of the designs from project runway a few weeks back there was the girl who was doing hoods and really long sleeves and i thought the idea was really interesting

and as for the bear ears, im not really sure where they came from

Thursday, August 03, 2006

new threadless design

tshirt version of the sketch is done, still working on the painting of it just because going to try and finish that tonight or tomorow and upload that too.

the shirt should be up for voting next week sometime

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I know thats its been a while but i have a bunch of stuff in progress and hope to get some up soon so for now heres a sketch

this is called "why im not afraid of shadows anymore" not sure if the final product will be a painting or a shirt or what, both are in the works, but when either is done ill upload that too

and this is the second collaboration that i did with G. George Girard, alas i don't have a better picture and the actual piece is now in his possesion but this will do for now

and again rest assurd there will be more soon

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Monday, July 17, 2006

I know its been a bit but...

I finally got around to a new threadless design:

should be up for rating soon

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

whole bunch of stuff

this is the end product of the first collaboration with one of the professors here, I think we're going to be doing another one at some point this month

yes its a dancing hotdog
this painting is where the character for the collaboration originally appeared

and i've been drawing a lot of dogs and dear lately, don't really know why

Friday, July 07, 2006

couple things

so I'm at the program now and we put up a staff exhibition, i submitted the deer rider and the one hamster robot with all the text. At the opening this one proffessor came up to me like 4 times and has become obsessed with my stuff, so he's asked me to do a collaboration with him, which is amazing cause not only do i love his work but he's also one of the coolest people i've met here. And after mulling over it for a while, and freaking out cause what if i fuck up, just decided to do it. unfortuantly i didn't take a picture of it before i gave it to him to work on but i do have my sketch for my bit and here it is:

and a puppy