Wednesday, August 09, 2006

last post for a bit

I packed up my scanner today as i am leaving this weekend to return to Baltimore, unfortunately i forgot to scan anything new before that, but i did find this painting its a bit older. It's actually a copy of a painting that i did for a friend of mine and really wanted a copy for myself, also i never documented it before i gave it to her.

I'm not sure when the next post will be because of moving and i imagine i'll be pretty busy once i get back to Baltimore.


Christina said...

TYLER it's christina from nysssa, since it was saying your email was invalid i went as far as to make a blog to talk to you, you should feel loved. i also really want that picture of me, molly, and beka from the end of the nysssa slideshow. =] don't worry tyler i'm not crazy, you were just my favorite. shhh don't tell ben.

Christina said...

tttyyylllleeerrr i miss you
my email is

haha i like this blog thing

travwell said...

okay, i know this is quite random but...ARE YOU MMMELT?

so some explaining...

i looked at your blog right after nysssa but never bothered to comment because i was too busy to make a blogger account

life went on...


i was floating in the interweb and came across THIS:

the guy's name is mmmelt, and he's supposedly based in chicago, but his art reminds me of your stuff...i didn't spot and penguins or robots but he draws cute pandas. anyway. yeah, his stuff reminds me of your stuff!

so i doubt that you're mmmelt but just thought you'd like to know

i like your deers
and also you should make clothes (i saw your project runway post) haha digging the hoodie...