Friday, August 04, 2006

couple of new pieces

so last night i was working on the painting version of "why im not afraid of shadows anymore" and was getting bored with it so i was going through my supplies just to play around and found my watercolors, i haven't done watercolors in a while and really enjoy it and though "i wonder how watercolor will react on wood?' and just started playing around not thinking too much of it, i also had some left over acrylic that i didnt want to waste so thats in there too. After a while i was like "wow i really like this, maybe i should actually finish it off" so i added the collaged bit, tighened the whole thing up a bit and added the text. I feel like this piece was really refreshing especially cause i was feeling like i was in a bit of a rut.

this other one is me playing around with stencils, the other day i got this idea that i wanted to try working in spray paint. So, after a rather unsuccessful bit of freehand on cardboard, decided to mess around with a stencil and this is the outcome.

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