Friday, October 27, 2006

juried undergrad show

so every year MICA has this big juried undergraduate exhibition and i decided to submit the broken robot from over the summer. suprisingly enough i acutally managed to get in with it

who knew someone would actually get it, or maybe it just a broad enough message for everyone to understand. see even illustrators can do personal work from time to time.

i suppose i should thank J.K. Rowling too since that's where i sampled the text from.


travwell said...

i think all your pieces are really cool, i love the idea of everything being on pieces of wood and stuff...
i also love working with text in works.

keep on keeping on,

Christina said...

congrats thats awesome! tyyylller again your email isnt working for me but i have some stuff to ask you about college..and illustration could you email me at or just im me whatever...and then it'll let me reply to you! thanks so much!
missing nysssa!