Friday, October 27, 2006

juried undergrad show

so every year MICA has this big juried undergraduate exhibition and i decided to submit the broken robot from over the summer. suprisingly enough i acutally managed to get in with it

who knew someone would actually get it, or maybe it just a broad enough message for everyone to understand. see even illustrators can do personal work from time to time.

i suppose i should thank J.K. Rowling too since that's where i sampled the text from.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

some paintings from thesis thus far

as i said before my thesis is on animal portrayals is folklore myth and legend so each of these is based on a myth from somewhere in the world.

the deer comes from a shinto legend where the deer is seen as a messanger of the gods.

the owl. as a symbol of knoweledge is greek

the boar is from a celtic belief where the boar is connected to the hunt

the bear is from a germanic belief that the guardian/ wathcer figure in the sky is portrayed as a bear

bear (v) - to endure

this is a small piece that i did as part of my thesis, it's actually made of a sketch for an earlier one that didn't quite turn out. Although this one doesn't seem to get noticed much in the context of the group of works as a whole it's probably my favorite thus far

self promotional sticker

i had the urge to do stickers earlier this week so here it is

basically started from a doodle of playing with ways of rendering text and the subject matter come from the elementary principle that poop is always funny

couple of odd sketches

another figure study and a random sketch

animal sketches take 2




animal sketches take 1

as you may or may not know my thesis is on animal portrayals in folklore, myth and legend so here's a bunch of sketches that i've done for some of the paintings i have finished or am working on






assorted figure studies

So i've been trying to do some figure stuff lately, here's a bunch of it. Some are from books and some are from life.