Friday, January 01, 2010

Time to make a change

It's been kind of a wild year what with grad school and moving back and forth between continents a couple of times and now doing the whole job hunt thing (p.s. if any knows of somewhere looking for a jr designer, assistant creative director, or that sort of thing please get in touch where isn't so much an issue as I'm looking to move somewhere else anyways).

So I was kind of awful at posting on a regular basis in 2009 so my biggest resolution for the year is to drastically change that. Since the goal is to make illustration my actual job it's time to start treating it as such so my goal for this year is a new post every day monday through friday. Just at least something; a quick sketch, progress shot, preferably something more substantial.

Right so lets kick this thing off, lately I've been at quite a loss for ideas lately and I realized that I've never done the illustrate classics type of assignments so it's as good a place to start as any. I've been working on this first one (Alice in Wonderland) for a week or so, restarting several times.

Some sketches trying to get the look of characters right.

Okay so I got the drawing and then decided to go straight to the coloring without inking, most because I was feeling lazy.

Ultimately I decided that was a mistake because when it came to actually doing the line work on my tablet things just looked wrong.

And I scrapped it and spent a good deal of time today inking this and plan to move onto coloring it next.

Bonus: here's another fashion-y girl drawing I realized after scanning it and looking at it again that the legs are wrong, but the parts look pretty okay on their own.

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