Monday, January 11, 2010

Marvel Monday [slash] Music Monday

Around some parts of the web it's Marvel Monday an activity that I've been meaning to take part in for quite some time. So here's a quick Marvel Girl drawing (probably the best of Jean Grey's costume decisions)

Bonus here's something that I've did a while ago but forgot about until someone reminded me. I'm taking part in this project called the nomadic playlist (a project I happen to be holding up at the moment with my next addition cause I'm lame), it's a traveling sketchbook and thumb drive where a song is illustrated in the sketchbook and added to the thumb drive. This is my page for Mount Eerie's Voice in Headphones and I will update with my next one once I stop being lame.

1 comment:

alissandra seelaus said...

whoever that someone is that reminded you to post about this great project must be pretty amazing slash awesome.