Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sept 3 sketches: In search of a new promo piece

Okay so the goal for today was to pump out a piece for use on a new promo piece which didn't so much happen. Thing just weren't working out for most of the day but ultimately I came up with the girl with a deer which I will hopefully finish tomorrow. Below that is another idea I had that may turn into something eventually but for now just wasn't right, the idea of seeing someone across a crowded subway/space shuttle and making a connect. Anyways more soon.

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Sam Bosma said...

Hey Tyler,

On the deer/girl piece, consider a composition where the girl is reclining a bit more between the antlers, like they're cradling her, maybe. I think it would help to connect the two parts, and would be a little more symbolic of the two different aspects of your art coming together into a cohesive whole.

The fun thing about deer antlers is that they can look like anything and be as complex as you want, but so long as they come out of a deer's face, they're antlers.

It should be a good promo piece (i like the idea a lot, and it sums your work up succinctly), but a tiny bit more work on the sketch would make it a real peach.