Monday, December 07, 2015

X-Men Projectors Wolverine Toybiz 1994

This is my piece for the latest show at for Light Grey Art Lab’s Bower Bird showwhich is based on the theme of collections. I had originally planned to draw a selection of some of the weirder action figures I’ve collected over the years but after laying everything out it just got really busy so I decided to focus on just one.
When I was a kid I was afraid of pretty much everything, I was also a kid who had to get up a lot in the middle of the night to be taken to my grandparents house because my parents had to go to work. This meant that I’d have to carry whatever I took was sleeping in/with with me to school the next morning. I was getting just to the point where it wasn’t entirely okay for me to carry my stuffed animals to school with me but I was still a kid who was the only one awake in a house in the middle of the night and afraid of the dark. One day my grandmother bought me one of these awesome x-men projector figures, which was cool enough because it projected images from the cartoon on the wall but more important it was a light source that I could take with me to sleep with and then bring to school to next morning without having to worry about kids being mean. I recently came into possession of one of these again and it’s still pretty rad.

The show opened on Friday so if you’re in Minneapolis please check it out and if you’d like to buy a limited edition postcard or giclee print you can do so here 

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