Thursday, March 02, 2017

A Fine Mess-ozoic You’ve Gotten Into

Hey it’s ECCC weekend! I didn’t manage to get a table but I will be wandering around saying hey to people and checking out some panels. I took a break from some other projects to work up a new minicomic, Eleanor Fox returns in “A Fine Mess-ozoic You’ve Gotten Into. It’s a cautionaly tale about the dangerous of not brining enough snacks. Again returning to my running trend of comics about snacks, but this time with dinosaurs.
Hope to see some people at ECCC and if you do make sure to say hi and I’ll give you a comic.

Friday, November 04, 2016


So i started playing D&D about 2 years ago and it’s has been bleeding over into drawing lots of fantasy monsters for fun. One of my friends suggested me making an entire monster manual of using my artwork which seems awesome but also like a lot of work but for now I decided to make a couple of set of standup miniatures for your game of choice or your desk.

Introducing the DUNGEON CREEPS. In set A we’ve got:
Skeleton Mage
Frogling (Bullywug)
And in Set B:
Draconic (Dragonborn)

They’re all double sided too so no staring at weird blank white blobs half the time. Also enjoy some low quality photos of these creeps in action taken with my phone camera. This was so much fun to work on, I’m starting to think my dream project would be working on a full blown board game, maybe some sort of all ages dungeons crawler sort of thing.

I will be premiering these for sale this weekend at the Short Run Comix & Arts Festival in Seattle and will be selling any leftovers online afterwards. Speaking of Short Run  you’ll be able to find me at table L71 this Saturday 11/5 from 11-6 where I’ll have these Dungeon Creeps, copies of my mini comics, and my children’s book “I Want To Eat Your Books” and some assorted prints. Hope to see a few of you there.
Fun fact in my home D&D game we use lego men for all the miniatures so you can customize your character. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dungeons and Dragons Character Commissions

A few weeks back I posted a doodle and jokes about people letting me draw their D&D characters, well someone actually took me up on that and commissioned this portrait of her and her finance’s characters. We’ve got a dwarf barbarian in spiked armor and a gnome bard.
I think I’m going to do more of these so if anyone is interested in commissioning one hit me up.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Kids in Nature Cover and Interiors for the Washington Post

Here’s a cover and a couple of interiors that I did recently for the Washington Posts Local Living section. This was for their earth day issue and the cover story 10 ways to help kids fall in love with being outside.  This list included things like going barefoot, finding fun shaped clouds (so obviously dinosaurs), discovering insects, and learning about animal tracks.
Thanks to my AD Amanda Soto for being so great to work with.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

A Cheesy Space Adventure

Alright here it is, this weekend is Emerald City Comicon so even though I don’t have a table this year I still wanted to put together a new mini comic to take with me and hand out. So here’s “A Cheesy Space Adventure”, a super serious super suspenseful action sci-fi story. Like I said I don’t have a table but if you see me wandering around say hi and grab a comic. I feel like I should make some sort of secret codeword for that. 
While working on this I realized all of my comics seem to be about snack and honestly I’m pretty okay with that. 
The other thing I realized while working on this is how much I love working on comics and would love to do something longer or more ongoing so I’m currently on the hunt for a writer to collaborate with.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Family Portrait. Beep beep, whistle, whistle.

Playing with some new ways to color things, trying to loosen up a bit. I am pretty stoked to see The Force Awakens for the 3rd time this weekend though.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Gamorrean Guard

When I was a kid the Gamorrean guards from Return of the Jedi were probably some of my favorite characters in the entire trilogy. I just loved these big old pig guys. I think still to this day my favorite scenes in the Star Wars movies are anytime there’s bunch of weird one off aliens all thrown together in the background.

Monday, December 07, 2015

X-Men Projectors Wolverine Toybiz 1994

This is my piece for the latest show at for Light Grey Art Lab’s Bower Bird showwhich is based on the theme of collections. I had originally planned to draw a selection of some of the weirder action figures I’ve collected over the years but after laying everything out it just got really busy so I decided to focus on just one.
When I was a kid I was afraid of pretty much everything, I was also a kid who had to get up a lot in the middle of the night to be taken to my grandparents house because my parents had to go to work. This meant that I’d have to carry whatever I took was sleeping in/with with me to school the next morning. I was getting just to the point where it wasn’t entirely okay for me to carry my stuffed animals to school with me but I was still a kid who was the only one awake in a house in the middle of the night and afraid of the dark. One day my grandmother bought me one of these awesome x-men projector figures, which was cool enough because it projected images from the cartoon on the wall but more important it was a light source that I could take with me to sleep with and then bring to school to next morning without having to worry about kids being mean. I recently came into possession of one of these again and it’s still pretty rad.

The show opened on Friday so if you’re in Minneapolis please check it out and if you’d like to buy a limited edition postcard or giclee print you can do so here 

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Book Signing and Launch Party at Secret Garden Books

Happy to announce that I will be doing another book signing/launch party for “I Want To Eat Your Books”, this time right here in Seattle. I’ll be singing/sketching at Secret Garden Books in Ballard at 7pm on Friday November 13th. They are probably the best children’s book store in Seattle so I’m really excited for the opportunity. I hope to see everyone there, invite your friends/family/random people from the bus. I’m hoping to make this the big one since Seattle is where I call home.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

“I Want To Eat Your Books” is currently the #1 best seller on Amazon in the Children’s Tolerance books category!

Friday, October 02, 2015

I Want To Eat Your Books Story Time and Book Signing 10/31

I am very excited to announce that I will be at Powell’s City of Books in Portland OR at 11AM on October 31st for their Halloween Kid’s Storytime. I’ll be reading and signing copies of my new book “I Want To Eat Your Books” from Sky Pony Press as well as doing a drawing demonstration on drawing monsters. When I lived in Oregon I would spend pretty much every Sunday at Powell’s so it’s a real honor to be invited, if you live in nearby stop by and see me awkwardly try to interact with kids.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Today is the day, you can hold a copy of my new book in your hands! I Want To Eat Your Books written by Karin Lefranc and illustrated by me is on sale in stores today. This zombie has invaded your school and instead of craving brains has a taste for books. 
A special thanks to Julie Matysik at Sky Pony Press for the opportunity to work on this incredible fun project. 
Visit your local bookstore to pick up a copy or order your copy online now:
Barnes and Noble

Friday, May 01, 2015

Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel

I haven’t done a lot of commissions lately but I had one coming in from someone who wanted to fill their soon to arrive baby’s room with kid friendly comic stuff with a focus on strong female characters for a Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel portrait. Between the subject manner and the reasoning behind it how could I say no. 

G. Willow Wilsons Ms. Marvel is one of the books that I look forward to the most every month, I am so excited that it’s been such a success. It’s such a fun and smart book and it’s just refreshing to see a book that isn’t just another grim white dude doing grim white dude things.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pizza-Roll for Initiative

Hard to believe Emerald City Comicon is this weekend already, feels like last years wasn’t all that long ago but I guess that happens when you’re especially busy. Anyways another con meant time to shun human contact for a week or so and bust out a new mini comic promo. I didn’t get a table this year so I’ll most be wandering around trying to awkwardly talk to people that I internet know. If you happen to see me feel free to say hi right now I still look vaguely like this but signifigantly more beardy.

Felt right to bring Eleanor back for another adventure. Was trying to figure out what the story would be so I started by making a list of things that are awesome, it had stuff that made it in like crystals, atlantis, pizza rolls and fishmen and thing that unfortunately will have to wait for another day like brains in jars, dinosaurs and goth kids.